• Premium food contract manufacturer – tolling or turnkey solutions

  • Beverages, Juices, Dried Goods, Powders, Milling, Extrusion, Re-Packing and Consumer Packaging

  • Brooklyn -Based SQF Level 2 facility

  • Organic,Gluten-free, Kosher, and Non-GMO Products

  • Custom High Quality Equipment and Product Development Support

  • Passionately Focused On Growing the Highest Quality Local Products






We manufacture your products with the highest quality controls, our plant layouts are designed for expansion and access to additional equipment so we can scale for growth at your pace. We are constantly looking for opportunities to enhance our customer partnerships. 




Wholesale orders ready to be filled

Our production floor has state of the art equipment to package and label all forms of mixed dry goods and powders to scale. We also have an in house graphic designer that can help you with labels, logos, and package design.


High quality Pressed Juice

We have premium quality Goodnature cold press juicers that can handle any size order of production that your business may need. Our staff has many years of experience in juice production.



Large Dehydration orders

Our facility has a custom-built walk-in dehydration system that is controlled by a state of the art CPU system. With our system and experience we can handle what ever your business needs are with dehydrated goods.

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keep your inventory fresh

With multiple walk-in cold rooms for production we can handle all forms of perishable production. With our facility we can also store your perishable ingredients for production.


Research and Development

R+D services

Whether you are creating a new product or trying to maximize quality in your wholesale, no matter the size of your company, we can help. We help create recipes, logos, and packaging that reflect the highest quality in your product with our R + D process. 


Get your products certified

Our staff has many years of experience with all forms of certifications for your products. We will guide your business in the right direction to create the highest quality product possible. 

Spread Love; 

It's the Brooklyn Way


At East Coast Co Packing, we believe the quality companies we produce for should be proud of the home of their products' origin. That's why we chose Brooklyn in the beautiful City of New York for our location.